When we set up Prime Example Consulting almost a decade ago, our purpose was to provide genuinely high quality advice and outputs for clients, which was based around an individual response rather than a corporate one, and which worked from understanding what a client was really trying to achieve.

This approach has been very successful for us, as clients return and are happy to recommend us to others. We also enjoy doing work this way – looking at things from the perspective of the client, tackling things in different ways, trying to solve or understand tricky issues, but always with an emphasis on an outcome that delivers real value.

Our ethos also revolves around developing open and trust-worthy relations with clients and people, founded on integrity and loyalty. Reliability and determination are also core components of our make-up, which means we deliver on deadlines but without loss of value. This can be challenging, but we have developed a realistically flexible approach to cater for such eventualities, helped by having been facing such challenges for almost 40 years.

The result is that we help to make a difference in areas where it matters. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

For more information about the services we offer please do contact us on 07504 23282. 



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